3 Ways to Turn Your Humble Bathroom into a Romantic Escape

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Splish Splash, let’s get steamy in the Bath.

You know what they say… ‘Couples who Play Together, Stay Together!’

Sometimes finding the time to play is easier said than done, right? Prioritising quality time with your partner can be a challenge. Making time for our relationship often falls to the bottom of the pile, between the children, work, study, weekend sports, an endless to-do-list and let us not forget the unexpected stuff that pops up.

But what if I told you there is an opportunity to keep the romance and fun alive in your relationship…in the comfort of your own home? More specifically, within your own bathroom!

Read on and we’ll share some easy tips on how to transform your bathroom into a space where you can enjoy one another’s company…intimately! 😉

1.      Make the Time

Relationship Experts Dr John and Julie Gottman from The Gottman Institute says

“With just a little effort, couples can maintain emotional closeness by following the ‘golden rule’ of relationships: small things often!” It doesn’t have to be an extravagant weekend away (although they’re nice!), it can be something as simple as together sharing a 10-minute intimate shower, once a week.

Keep that spark that bought you together shining bright. Make time for one another! Turn towards each other and that emotional connection and feeling of attraction and love will be strong.

For us we have Friday Fun-Day! On Fridays, we wake up before the children and we tippy toe our way into the bathroom. We feel a little naughty, sneaking around like a pair of high school kids trying not to get busted by our parents! 😉 The relaxing Friday feels kick in…being the last day of the work week. And as we give each other a cheeky body wash we’re chatting about how our week has been and our weekend plans. We might talk about other things too. Wink Wink!

Can you squeeze in a couple’s shower before the kids wake up? Or perhaps after they go to bed?

Put the time in your diary! Have some fun and send your partner a cheeky loved-up message throughout the day telling them how much you are looking forward to your intimate couple’s shower!  You will thank me for it later!

set the scene with a luxury bathroom with couple in the bath tips from avocado constructions brisbane

2.      Set the Scene

If you’re like me then you appreciate Date Night’ just like you appreciate a well-made coffee. But sometimes the thought of me finding a babysitter for 3 children, working out where we are going, picking out a nice outfit and putting on some make-up feels like a LOT of effort. What I’ve come to realise is often the best date nights are those we have at home!

Below are my tips for the perfect Home Date Night inclusive of a bubble bath and sensuous massage. Baths do not have to be a waste of space only used to wash the children. Us adults should learn how to slow down from our busy lives, take a few minutes to enjoy a relaxing bath as well. It’s great for the mind, body and our relationship. 😉

Steps to the Perfect Home Date Night:

    • Feed your children their favourite dinner and then quickly send them to bed, early!
    • Turn off the TV!
    • Order your favourite take-away dinner and enjoy whilst sitting on your deck (or another relaxing place in your home) talking and laughing. I only learnt last week that Simon took art lessons when he was 10 years old. How cool to discover something about him I never knew after all these years together.
    • Whilst your partner is putting the dishes in the dishwasher ask him (or her) to pour you both a glass of wine. For us, it’s a smooth glass of Tempus Two Shiraz.
    • Whilst they’re taking care of that you go to the bathroom and remove all the rubber duckies and other reminders of your children.
      Dedicate a drawer in your vanity or a basket you can hide away, to stash your children’s toys. This way you have clear space for some ambient couple time.
    • Run a warm bath.
      The warmth, the water, the winding down – these alone can work wonders for the body and soul.
    • Now, turn the lights down low and enjoy a soft, candlelit glow.
      Switch off the harsh bathroom light for gently flickering scented candles.
    • Scented candles are not only affordable but are a beautiful way to create a romantic mood and personalise your experience. The Sunday Society at Coorparoo has a fabulous range. 
    • Place some bath salts into the bath.
      My personal favourite is Vanilla and Orange from Summer Salt Co.  
    • Hop in and call out for your partner to join you.
      Shoot them a sensual smile when they enter the room.
    • Offer a massage.

Now, time to relax, connect and feel loved-up and Opperation Date Night will be a success!

3.      Heighten Your Senses

Imagine yourself leaning back into your partner’s chest. Warm, scented water relaxing your bodies. Coconut milk softening your skin. A soft, candlelit glow is relaxing your mind. A gentle kiss placed on your neck. Your shoulders and arms being gently rubbed as you can smell a beautiful aroma. You’re enjoying a delicious strawberry and glass of bubbly.

Go on…close your eyes and envision it.  How do you feel?

If you do struggle to get quality time, then you certainly need to make the most of it and bring in some reinforcements. I mean invest in some gorgeous products 😉 Your romantic bathroom date night will become a night you’ll want to re-create time and time again.

I suggest the following items:

  • Smooth, silky body wash. Try Japanese Cherry Blossom from The Body Shop.
  • Beautifully scented bath salts.
  • Soft fluffy towels.
  • A His and Hers robe. These easy, sensuous additions will give you that hotel experience at home.
  • Candles, scented or Tea Tree candles also do the job. I’m a big fan of The Glass House range.

set the mood with romantic candles advice from Avocado Constructions

However, if you’re looking at your bathroom thinking there just isn’t any way I can turn this space into a romantic oasis then perhaps it’s time for a Bathroom Renovation. A renovation project means you can modernise your space, add a new, big, beautiful bathtub and maybe even his and hers spacious shower. When renovating here are a couple of things to consider:

Size (& shape) Does Actually Matter

Now now, I’m talking about bathroom features. 😉

Ever tried to squeeze into a tub that’s way too small for you, let alone with your partner? No thanks! Say “goodbye” to uncomfortable baths and “hello” to a large, stylish, modern freestanding tub. The beauty of updating to a freestanding bath, is that you can pop it wherever you like to make the best use of your space. They’re a stylish option and you don’t sacrifice practicality. Either of these two babies will have looking forward to a regular soak.

Acacia White Matte Bath

acacia matte 1700mm freestanding bath recommended by avocado constructionsbrisbane bathroom renovation used by Avocado Constructions white matte freestanding bath

Slip into those bubbles and stretch your legs out in this 1700mm long beauty. The gentle curve of the ceramic hugs your back, and your arms sit comfortably on the edge. Also, there’s plenty of room for your plus one! 

Coco Freestanding Bath

coco freestanding 2000mm bath used by avocado constructions

bathroom renovation used by avocado constructions freestanding oval frame bath

The elongated oval frame adds a touch of luxury. 1200mm in length, rest your head and shoulders against the high back. Pop your forearms on the edge or lie back on your partner’s chest and relax. The 760mm height means that when the bath is being used for family purposes your little ones won’t be able to make an unexpected dash out.

Our baths come with a 7-year warranty. I’d say that’s a darn good cost per use.

bathroom renovation with dual head design shower with avocado constructions brisbane

Long steamy showers more your scene? 

Have you considered your renovation to include a fancy new shower that feels fit for a James Bond style rendezvous? You can create a luxurious, spacious space with all the trimmings including dual shower heads. You know what that means… no excuses for some romance and fun – you and your partner can enjoy a shower together. You can even set your own temperatures so if he needs to cool down, while you need to warm up that totally do-able with dual shower heads.

Every October I look forward to Simon and I visiting The Star Casino at Broadbeach for Simon’s birthday. No kids for a whole weekend – woohoo!  It isn’t the casino floor or the fancy restaurant I fancy but the luxurious, massive double shower space in our suite which we enjoy, together. We relax, unwind and rekindle.


Remember the fun we often forget to have with our partner does not have to wait for special occasions or casino weekends away, fun and intimacy can occur in the comfort of your own home. If there’s anything 2020 has taught us – it’s seize the day. Don’t wait for that special occasion or ‘the perfect time’. Make the time and invest in the things that make you happy, are enjoyable, and nurture your relationships.

Lastly, do not forget it’s often the little things that make all the difference. If you’re unsure how to execute a well-designed, functional but also beautiful bathroom renovation we can be of help. Bathroom renovation and design is our thing! No one wants a cheap, nasty tap which comes away from the wall, bad waterproofing which means leaks and expensive fixes or a tap positioned in the wrong position poking into your back. Let us create you your very own romantic escape.

We hope these tips help 😊



p.s. We’d love to chat to you about your bathroom renovation plans today- drop us a line today, and remember – quotes don’t cost a thing.

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