Dos and Don’ts of a Stressless Bathroom Renovation

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Over the past few decades’ bathrooms have gone from being just a hygienic space to now being a relaxing retreat in your own home. If you’re looking to renovate your Brisbane bathroom but feel like it will be a mammoth undertaking, need not worry. We’re here to help you through the process with our Dos and Don’ts of a Stressless Bathroom Renovation.

DO – Always Have a Bathroom Design Plan

When it comes to your bathroom, you must have a plan before starting anything! Start by considering the space you have to work with – get out a tape measure! Are there ways to make the room bigger, or is it a situation of what you have is what you have? (If you are short on space, we touch on some excellent space-saving tips later, too, so stay tuned).

Draw a basic floor plan, considering a functional layout. For example, if you have a small space to work with, maybe a 1700mm bath and a 1700mm double sink vanity won’t be the best selections.


  1. Keep in mind that it is cheaper to keep plumbing as is. However, moving plumbing to get the layout right is well worth it!
  2. Hide your toilet. Perhaps consider an in-built toilet for a seamless, minimalistic look.
  3. Consider drainage.
  4. Select a bath size to suit your space.
  5. Plan your lighting.

Think about not only the ambience you want to create but also the functionality.

  • How will you use your bathroom? Hours soaking in a tub or prefer to shower?
  • Are there kids using the space now OR even down the track?
  • Is this your forever home, or, if selling, consider what do buyers look for?
  • Is this a room where you want to escape the world and have your own little oasis or romantic bathroom escape?

All of these are essential things to consider when planning your bathroom renovation.

DO – Use a Professional Water-Proofer

We cannot stress enough the importance of using a licensed, experienced Water-Proofer. Waterproofing is something you should not do yourself to save a buck. You do not want the stress of leaks and damaged walls in the future. Tiles will have to be ripped up and replaced after water-damaged areas are fixed. We see it time and time again. It is a high price to pay after you’ve gone to the effort and expense of renovating your bathroom if waterproofing isn’t done right!

DO – Have a Statement Piece

When planning your bathroom renovation for your Brisbane home, it’s essential to include a statement piece. Ask yourself:

What key item is at the top of my wish list?

This could be, for example:

  • Stone basins
  • Free-standing large bath
  • Custom designed vanity
  • Feature tiles, such as Mosaics
  • Gold tapware
  • Terrazzo floor tiles

dos and don'ts of stressless bathroom renovation statement piece tips from Avocado Constructions Brisbane

The possibilities are endless. But DO resist the urge to try and do too much. Deciding on your statement piece at the beginning of the design process helps set the tone for the rest of your bathroom renovation, driving the theme you want to communicate. For example, is your Brisbane bathroom going to be:

  • Lux Hotel Glam.
  • An Oasis.
  • Vintage Charm.
  • Minimalist Contemporary Bathroom.

DO look at Pinterest and magazines, or even hotel websites to gain inspiration.

DO – use Mood Boards to Help Style

Mood Boards are a fantastic way to clarify your bathroom design and encourage you to inject the room with style and personality. No idea where to start? We can create and present you with a mood board, which shows a cohesive design of your bathroom’s elements. Taking into consideration, your wish list likes and dislikes, we can source samples such as tiles. Whatever your bathroom renovation brief.

bathroom renovation mood board under the sea designed by Avocado Constructions in house designer

This mood board is titled ‘Under the Sea.’ The client wanted a stylish family bathroom with bold, bright feature wall tiles that would cater to the needs of a busy family and be an oasis. Get in touch if you’d like some design inspiration, and a Mood Board created for your upcoming bathroom renovation.

DO – Choose your Tiles Wisely

When it comes to tiles, they’re what make or break a bathroom design.

Remember Harry and Tash in The Block 2020 with their guest ensuite? Poor Harry and Tash got slammed for using 3 different tiles in their ensuite. Stunning tiles, but together, they were way too much.

Follow our easy DO tips below, and DON’T be like Harry and Tash.


  • Keep it simple and stay within two types of tile choices. Bathrooms aren’t typically huge, and less is more definitely applies here.
  • Look at and touch tile samples! Tiles can look quite different in real life compared to viewing on your computer screen.
  • Consider whether you want gloss or matt finish. Gloss is shiny and can be slippery if laid on your floor.
  • Choose one wall only if you wish to have a Feature Wall. Often the best choice is the wall behind your bath.
    DO remember Mosaic tiles can be quite expensive, but the options are endless and often communicate your theme beautifully. They are also more costly for your Builder or Tiler to lay.
  • Larger tiles mean fewer grout lines and a seamless bathroom floor finish, so choose tiles that are 600 x 600 or 1200 x 600 in size for your floor.
  • Incorporate a bold tile if you accompany it with a simplistic tile.
    As you can see in the Mood Board, the bright turquoise fish-scale tiles complimented the crisp, simple white gloss tiles beautifully.
  • Keep it simple and stay within two types of tile choices. Bathrooms aren’t typically huge, and less is more definitely applies here.
  • Realise that light/neutral colours will make your space look larger and brighter. The best choice if you don’t have a massive amount of natural light entering your bathroom.
  • Consider epoxy grout. Again, a more expensive option but well worth it, because unlike traditional grout, this won’t crack, shrink or discolour – making it ideal for wet areas.

DO – Remember Trends Come and Go

Like most things’ trends come and go, and bathrooms are no different. But here are some great bathroom trends we feel are here to stay and will keep your bathroom looking modern and stylish for years to come:

Black tapware: a popular choice in modern bathrooms and a great way to add style to your space. People are taking style all the way from their tile choices through to their tapware these days. And if you’ve kept your tiles neutral, then black tapware is a great way to add a pop of colour. And if you have kids, you’ll love that it doesn’t show fingerprints. So, a big tick in my book.

Free-standing baths: are the ultimate choice in luxury and scream ‘modern.’ The tiled, built-in baths are from the past. Free-standing baths are also now available flush up against the wall, which ticks the functional box for me too. No more hard to reach places to clean with a build-up of dust or overflowing water to mop up when the kids get a little overzealous in the bath.

free standing bath, timber vanity and black tapware tips from Avocado Constructions Brisbane

Timber details: a touch of timber, whether it be shelves or a timber vanity, has become a great way to add warmth to the space. Natural materials, including timber and stone, are here to stay in Bathroom design.

Frameless showers: This minimalistic design choice for showers is here to stay. Not only are they super easy to keep clean (wipe down with a Chamois once a week in-between cleans), but they’re contemporary and stylish.

Important Tip – give thought to your drainage. DO – keep in mind you will have some water over-spray if you incorporate an open concept without a door!

DO – Consider These Tips When Designing

Here’s some excellent bathroom tips that people don’t often think about:

  1. If you’re vertically challenged, an undermount (inset) basin vanity rather than on the counter makes all the difference.
  2. Include a recess in your shower and next to your bath for your body items = no more ugly shower caddy. You can even incorporate a feature tile in this small space without breaking the bank.
  3. Keep a stool or small table beside your free-standing bath to pop your wine glass, and body wash, a good book or a bell to ring when you need a refill 😉.brushed nickle bath set and tapware tips from Avocado Constructions Brisbane
  4. Hooks, racks, shelves, and baskets make for excellent bathroom storage options.
  5. This is often overlooked, but you want on-point task lighting and ambient lighting when it comes to your bathroom. Consider shadows that may be cast, too, as you don’t want those as you apply your make-up. (Don’t be like The Block’s 2018 couple Matt and Elise, who were taken to task for just that).
  6. DO Consider the shapes you are using and remain consistent with your selections. E.g., If you are incorporating a circular bath with curved edges, DON’T attempt to match with a rectangular basin.

DO – Consider Storage

For some reason, Bathrooms always seem to get overlooked when it comes to storage (except when you work with us, of course). When it comes to small bathroom renovations, you sometimes need to think outside of the box a little too. The obvious storage option is your vanity. Ask, do you want draws or doors. If you have an undermount basin, you will lose some storage space to your plumbing.

A recessed mirror cabinet is a great idea offering you a mirror and storage for your everyday items such as make-up, ticking the functional box. We’re a fan of the black-framed circular mirror cabinets.

As we said above, shelves, hooks, and racks make for some tremendous functional yet stylish bathroom storage options. DO, keep these the same finish as your tapware for an elegant bathroom design.

  • Hooks behind the doors.
  • Shelves above the toilet or alongside the vanity.
  • Get creative and mount a magnetic strip inside the bathroom cabinet and never lose those bobby pins, tweezers, or nail clippers again.

Let’s Discuss Your Bathroom Renovation DON’TS!

We talk above about many DO’s, so let’s touch on the all-important bathroom renovation DON’TS.


1. Try and do everything yourself unless you’re confident in your skills. Especially if you are looking to sell your property in the future. Buyers will not only look at style but quality workmanship.

2. Skimp on your research when choosing your bathroom renovation expert. This can make or break your renovation, and you want to ensure you are going to receive quality workmanship. Remember the drama we spoke about if you don’t have your waterproofing down right. That’s just one example of things that could go wrong with your renovation if you don’t allow yourselves a reasonable renovation budget.

3. Rush – take your time to plan. Planning sets the tone for everything. You don’t want to return a bath because you didn’t choose the right size.

4. Don’t forget to order spare tiles. Breakage will occur. You don’t want to be told that stock has run out, and you’re left with a half-tiled bathroom.

5. Compromise on quality as you will seriously kick yourself if you do.

6. Overlook your window treatments. Ensure they tie in with your bathroom design.

7. Forget to include sufficient and adequate lighting.

8. Overlook storage even down to the kids’ bath toys.

Need Help?

When it comes to designing your Brisbane bathroom, do you have no idea where to start? We hope this article has been helpful and can eliminate some stress with your bathroom renovation. But if you still lack confidence, we can help. With over 17 years of experience, you can trust that we will design and build a beautiful and functional bathroom, leaving you with no stress.

Want to know more? Reach out to discuss your renovation project now.



p.s. We’d love to chat to you about your bathroom renovation plans today – drop us a line today, and remember – quotes don’t cost a thing.

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