Modern Bathroom Greek Islands Style

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When we asked Lucy and Aaron their wish list for their Belmont bathroom renovation, they told us they wanted to include:

  • A spacious spa bath.
  • A frameless shower.
  • The colour blue.
  • A laundry shoot.

We created a modern bathroom design and layout that is plentiful in space and can offer a relaxing ambiance. In this bathroom, you can sit back and enjoy a soak in the spa. I know I’m envious.

The Space

We combined their previous master bathroom space with their walk in robe to give Lucy and Aaron a larger, family sized, main bathroom. The room’s perimeter became 3.7m in length and 3m in width. Meaning there was plenty of room for a generous size spa bath. Is there room for 2? Absolutely!

Blue Hues

As you walk through the door, you can’t miss the blues popping off the back wall with a blue bathroom feature wall.

We are seeing the colour blue being used more and more in bathroom designs. The reason why is because blue induces calmness and peace within us. It also enhances intellect. The perfect choice for your bathroom if you are anything like me, and all your fantastic ideas come to you when you are in the bath or shower.

From a design perspective, the only two ways we could have featured blue was either through:

  • The tiles or
  • Blue vanity basins. Timberline sells a gorgeous blue basin called the Allure.

Beaumont Tiles offered a good selection of blue feature tiles. Not sold on a blue vanity basin, I presented two blue tile options to Lucy and Aaron.

A baby blue option and the other being a blue subway tile called Union Blue. They were instantly drawn to the Union Blue tile. What I love about the Union Blue tile is that the batch incorporates various blue hues. This variance brings the wall to life.

Next, we discussed the options of how Simon could lay the tile. And, which wall would make for the best feature wall?

Holiday Vibes

belmont master bathroom renovation bue herringbone feature wall by avocado constructions

By adding different shades of blues to the bathroom design, we created a resort-like sanctuary. There is nothing better than entering a room where you can feel relaxed and entertain the idea of being on a wonderful holiday. Perhaps, The Greek Islands when we are able to enjoy the luxury of travel again, that is!

We discussed the ways we could lay the subway tile. Horizontal, vertical or… herringbone! Not the easiest of options for the tiler, but well worth it in the end. The herringbone pattern is a home renovation trend at the moment, and I believe it is here to stay.

The wall came to life after we added the white grout. The only downside is we had to fix the towel rail to the feature wall. Sometimes functionality must trump aesthetics. We didn’t want Lucy and Aaron to have to walk to the other end of the bathroom to reach their towels.

It goes without saying that with such a vibrant feature wall or focal point, the other tile options need to be muted. White gloss wall tiles and large, 600x600mm floor tiles. The Castello Ice Matt floor tiles, from National Tiles, are a favourite of ours. They still bring some interest to the space and team nicely with a lot of feature wall tile options.

modern bathroom renovation castello ice tile by avocado constructions

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Fairest of Them All?

bathroom renovation belmont mirror cabinet and vanity design by avocado constructions

Given this is a family bathroom, storage options are always an essential factor in the design of the space. A 1200mm recessed mirror cabinet sits above the Rural Oak laminate vanity, custom made from our trusty cabinetmaker Tom from Coleman Cabinets.

The choice of cabinetry finish brings some warmth to the bathroom. It would have been tempting to include two basins, given this is a family bathroom. If we did have two basins, then we would have lost a good chunk of counter space.

Speaking of counter top, we went with Pure White Caesarstone. We wanted something of high quality but a finish that would blend with the other prominent design choices made.

Resort Style Bathing

belmont bathroom spa bath renovation gooseneck floor mounted tapware by avocado constructions

A spa bath provides the opportunity to:

  • Relax your muscles.
  • Meditate.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Enjoy some quality, romantic time with your partner.
  • Improve Sleep.

The recess or wall nook (whatever you want to call it) gives you the area to put your body wash products. Or style with some candles or a plant.

The spacious, frameless shower also provides an opportunity for a long, relaxing, hot shower. A frameless shower is a modern design choice, without the worry of water splashing all over the place.

Don’t Put Your Neck Out with a Gooseneck

modern bathroom renovation belmont fixtures and fittings by avocado constructions

ABI Interiors were our go to supplier AGAIN for this renovation. Their range is fantastic, and the quality of the products is great. Not to mention, they are an affordable option without sending a renovation budget into despair.

Chrome tapware was an excellent choice for this renovation. We didn’t want the tapware to be the lead singer, but rather a great set of backup singers. A floor-mounted gooseneck tap worked nicely for the spa, and a gooseneck mixer for the counter-top basin.

Look closely at some of the whole room photos we shared above. Can you see the integrated laundry shoot? You have to look closely. Simon has done a great job, using his carpentry skills to build and design an integrated laundry shoot. The shoot door is covered with the floor tile. Functional by way of a latch to pull up.

A Job Well Done

bathroom ideas belmont vanity counter top basin by avocado constructions

“Thank You, Simon. We are very impressed with how our bathroom has come out. We look forward to you renovating our laundry next,” says Aaron.

Thank You to Lucy and Aaron for your trust and patience throughout this renovation. We had our own family holiday booked for Cairns for a week during the Easter school holidays. We very much appreciated your understanding, as the progress slowed down during that week. We hope you and your family enjoy your beautiful bathroom for years to come.

If you’re interested in having a complete bathroom renovation, or any room in your home, renovated, talk to Simon, and we can organise a time to visit to discuss your renovation project and wish list. Organise a Quote today.

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