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Safe Travels to India…

January 2020

bathroom transformation in McDowall by Avocado Constructions Brisbane Back in July of 2019, we provided a quote for the renovation of Sajith’s bathroom, at his home in the Brisbane Northern suburb of McDowall. Sajith thanked me for the quote however when I didn’t hear from him, I figured that he must have engaged another builder’s services. I was having a lazy Sunday afternoon watching the cricket, late in the month of November, when I received an email from Sajith. He wanted to proceed with the quote and use my services! Eager to start at the beginning of the year 2020 he wanted me to take care of the bathroom remodel whilst he away from home, visiting India.

The Bathroom Renovation Goals

  • Modernise his bathroom and make it more user friendly and spacious.
  • Fit a large freestanding bathtub.
  • Complete the bathroom renovation prior to Sajith’s return from India.

Getting Started

We met a week prior to his departure, signed the QBCC contract and ran through the project scope and timeline once more, confident we were on the same page.

Picking up the key bright and early on the 8th of January, from Sajith’s friend, I got started straight away.

Bathroom Design Choices

What we like about the design and layout of this bathroom is:

  • The very large freestanding bathtub
  • Warm tone, gloss tiles
  • Large 600 x 600 floor tiles and 300 x 600 wall tiles all the way to the ceiling

(this design makes a bathroom appear much bigger than its actual size)

  • Increased the size of the shower space and added a shower recess
  • Modern floating vanity and basin
  • Recessed mirror cabinet for a more sublimed and spacious look.

The Bathroom Demolition

Sajith had supplied all fixtures and fittings and tiles and had most items on-site ready for me when I began. During the demolition process, removing the existing wall sheeting and tiles it was unfortunate that we found extensive water damage and active termites present. The termites were treated rapidly by a specialist and damaged framing was replaced, resolving the issue. Of course, Sajith was notified of this discovery and we communicated about the repairs required. After the bathroom was newly sheeted, waterproofing with a Class 3 high-quality product took place. Waterproofing is one of the most important stages in the renovation process. The last thing anybody wants is for their bathroom to start leaking and for there to be water damage in the future all because the area wasn’t waterproofed in the correct manner, with attention to detail.

bathroom renovations waterproofing by Avocado Constructions Brisbane

The January Queensland heat was motivation to finish the renovation quickly (but of course still of high quality). It was also school holidays. With Sajith’s permission my son Maddox joined me on-site, as my wife was unwell at home. He kept me company for the day, very eager to learn about what I was doing and helping pass me the tools I needed. His role as Quality Assurance Officer was integral to the McDowall bathroom remodel. Maddox ensured that when delivered the bathtub was correct and in good order. His payment – A McDonalds Happy Meal. 😊

bathroom renovation in McDowall Brisbane by Avocado Constructions

After 11 days renovating his bathroom my wife, took to giving it a thorough clean. My normal cleaner was away for the Christmas period. Being 7 months pregnant and school holidays, I immensely appreciated her help. The bathroom was immaculate. We really are a family business, helping other local Brisbane families create new spaces in their home they can enjoy for years to come.


At each stage of the bathroom renovation, I was in communication, via email, with Sajith; sending progress photos. Despite him not being in Australia, I appreciate the level of trust he showed me as I renovated his home without him present.

It was pleasing that when he came home, he reached out to tell me how happy he was and left a fantastic review online 😊

If you’d like to discuss a bathroom transformation for your home get in touch and we can organise a time to have a chat.



“Very happy with Simon and his team. He did our bathroom renovation while we were away on holidays. It was finished on time and to our satisfaction. Very neat and cleaned up really well afterward. He was always quick to respond to queries and very easy to deal with. Gave us regular updates via email with progress photos. Completely took any stress of home renovation work out of our minds with transparency and communication throughout the process. Highly recommend Simon.” – Sajith from McDowall

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